Why Is It Not Easy To Follow A Weight Loss Plan?

There are numerous reasons why your diet may not deliver effects, but the key things are as follows:

Imbalanced Meal Plans

Fad lbs loss programs (often called as ‘celebrity dietary methods’) are well known for deleting complete food products categories in a bid to aid slimmers drop fat. Anyway, such eating plans are hard to be on for months on end. Not only just are they harmful, but they are also impossible to get used to. After all, could you experience satisfaction consuming only lentil soup or proteins, day in day out for months at a time? Of course, not.


You have all got certain meals which we can’t ignore. Chocolate… crisps… biscuits…burgers… Now whilst treating yourself to the occasional naughty food is not a sin. Turn this weekly treat into daily activity and you will very soon recognise that you have succumbed to extra cravings as well which will become the cause of weight gain, not slimming.

Skipping Food Taking Sessions

It may sound logical when you are shifting excess lbs to refuse a meal as you are essentially intaking less calories; anyway without a proper supply of calories into your body, your metabolic rate will slowly begin to slow down as it believes you are starving. And this can make dieting incredibly complicated as your metabolic rate will be too slow to deal with calorie burn.

What else can I do?

If any of these sounds like you, do not let this weakend your efforts to lose weight. To achieve healthy, permanent weight loss all you need to do is change your mind-set and acknowledge that your weight loss desires will not be fast.

A consistent weight loss of 4-8lbs a month is suggested by many top nutritionists as these are easier to maintain. But what else can you do?

Consume a balanced diet – you don’t have to eliminate your favourite foods completely to witness successful weight loss. The trick is to ingest a healthy meal regime of all the major nutrition groups and decrease the amount of unhealthy foods you consume.

Now we are not advising you to go cold turkey from chocolate or chips – all this will cause is temptation. However, by gradually cutting how often you have them, week by week, you can naturally cut them from your eating habits and stop cravings.

Workout regularly – eating well and exercising regularly go together when it comes to weight loss. By doing a exercise system of cardio and strength training 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes, you can help your metabolism levels and more importantly your calorie burn.
Aim for achieveable milestones – instead of focusing on a complete weight loss of over 20lbs, give yourself little weekly goals of 2lbs and aim to attain just those. This helps to reduce the pressure to shift weight and in no time at all you will find that you are close to your overall target.

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